Discover the Queen Bee of Olive Oil

Discover the Queen Bee of Olive Oil

Here at PVOO, we are Olive Oil lovers. The different varieties and options out there can throw even the savviest buyer off. Pull up a seat. We’re here to help.

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil - She’s the Queen Bee. This Olive Oil is top-notch. She’s cold-pressed (extracted without heat or chemicals) within HOURS of harvest. Olives are a fruit after all, and if you want the freshest, healthiest juice filled with the most nutrients, you’re running from the Olive grove to the crushers. This type of Olive Oil is the staple of the Mediterranean diet, and for good reason. It’s filled with all the amazing nutrients and benefits healthcare providers are raving about. We’ll talk more about this in another post (it deserves its own post) but just to name a few, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in antioxidants, heart-healthy fats, and anti-inflammatory properties. And these are all backed by a ton of scientific research.
  2. Virgin Olive Oil - She’s cute, but she’s not giving you the same benefits as Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Her acidity is higher, and she’s more refined than Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The health benefits are lower. She’s not worth your calories or money. On to the next variety…

  3. Olive Oil - She’s moody. She’s never quite clear how much Olive Oil vs. other refined Oils are in her bottle. She’s definitely processed using heat, further reducing all the health benefits and taste of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is the majority of the Olive Oils sold on store shelves. How can you tell? The price.

  4. Light Olive Oil - She’s light, and so is her flavor. She’s on a diet (not the Mediterranean diet) and she’s hungry. Her health benefits are just as light as her color. Another one not worth your calories or money.

Ponte Vedra Olive Oil has a Premium line of Extra Virgin Olive Oils that will make any Queen Bee smile. We can’t wait to share them with you. Debuting shortly… stay tuned!

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